Sample Courses

Flexible Learning Experience

At Concordia University Wisconsin Online, we utilize two main types of courses in order to provide the most effective learning experience possible. Below is a brief description of each course model complete with a link to the sample courses in our Learning Management System – ANGEL.

Collaborative Courses

This is a type of an online course that is taken online with others, participating in discussions, postings, etc. with a definitive start and end date. View a Collaborative Course.

Self-Paced Courses

This is a type of an online course that is taken working with your instructor one on one. Such courses have open enrollment. However, once a student registers they have up to 12 weeks to complete the course from the date of registration. This kind of course is designed to be completed in 8-10 weeks. View an Self-Paced Course.

High School Dual Credit Courses

If you’re interested in taking a college credits online through our High school Dual Credit program, view a High School Dual Credit Course.

Does you computer work with ANGEL?

You can check to see if your computer is set up correctly for using our learning management system by clicking here.