Top 7 reasons to become a Nurse Educator

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When thinking of potential nursing careers, not everyone immediately thinks of becoming a Nurse Educator. But you have to ask yourself, why? The complex world of healthcare demands that healthcare workers not only use best practices, but also consistently maintaining their knowledge of the latest research and its applications. In short, there is always a need for more education in health care and the nursing world specifically. Key to this endeavor is the role of Nurse Educator. A Nurse Educator trains current and up-and-coming nurse professionals in both academic and practical on-the-job settings.

Here are the top 7 reasons we believe you should consider a career as a Nurse Educator:

1 – Nurse Education Shapes the Future of Nursing
As a Nurse Educator in today’s constantly changing medical landscape, you will be informing the next generation of nurse educators. It is also your critical mission to educate those currently in practice of new, dynamic, and life-saving techniques and theories.

2 – Teach in Schools or in a Clinical Setting (or Both!)
Nurse Educators enjoy a wealth of opportunities to teach in a setting like a hospital or clinic or they may teach in a traditional or online classroom setting. You will have the opportunity to educate various populations. There is an infinite variety of choice associated with being a Nurse Educator — whichever way you take it is up to you.

3 – Care for Patients and Be a Teacher
You are the type of person who enjoys variety in your career and always works towards to achieving continual professional milestones. As a Nurse Educator, you have the opportunity to continue practicing nursing and blend in teaching courses or training others at the same time. If you have longed dreamed of teaching, but did not want to give up the patient care side of nursing, a Master’s degree in Nurse Education allows you the opportunity to do both.

4 – This Career Field is in High Demand
Most people know that nurses are currently in high demand, but did you know that one of the key reasons for this is due to the lack of nurse educators able to train the next generation? As a Nurse Educator, you will not only contribute to helping solve a national nursing shortage, but your skills will be in incredibly high demand. The job outlook for Nurse Educators is excellent.

5 – No More Long Hours. No Longer on Your Feet.
You absolutely love being a nurse, but maybe your body, or family, or lifestyle is asking for a break from the 12-hour shifts and time on your feet. By becoming a Nurse Educator, you can still contribute to the wonderful world of nursing, but change the demands on your body. Most Nurse Educators work in an office, classroom, or conference room setting with shorter hours, creating a much better work-life balance.

6 – You Get to Wear Multiple Hats
As a Nurse Educator, your job will be dynamic. From mentoring students to creating curricula for hospitals to conducting practical trainings, you have a variety of options. You will be in a unique position to bolster your communication, writing, and training skills all while continuing in the field you have known and loved.

7 – Become a Leader in Your Field
As a Registered Nurse, you are already a vital part of the healthcare field. Now become a leader. Imagine inspiring future generations of nurses. Imagine being at the forefront of emerging theory. Imagine being recognized as a leader. Imagine becoming a nurse educator.

Concordia University Online offers a 100% Master of Science Nursing degree with a Nurse Educator track. Rn to MSN options are available. Connect with us to learn more.


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As a young professional, if you are not online you are missing out on a wealth of job opportunities. As part of your online presence, you need to have a photo that puts your best foot forward.

That is why the Office of Continuing and Distance Education is sponsoring the #SnapShotSocial at the library stairwell lobby on Thursday, April 30th, 2015 from 10am-2pm. All Concordia University Wisconsin students are eligible to have a free professional head shot taken. Not only can you get your photo taken for free, but you will also be able to connect and network with other people!

Take a look at this short video that highlights last year’s #SnapShotSocial. Looking forward to seeing you on April 30th!

New Free Course for Health Care Providers

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Nursing MOOC BadgeA large part of our mission here at Concordia University Wisconsin’s Office of Continuing and Distance Education is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for people from every walk of life. That is why we offer a variety of free, open online courses. This year we have a variety of offerings slated so stay tuned to our website for more info.

However, our latest course is a service to those who have dedicated their lives to helping others. At CUW, we have a variety of quality nursing and health care  programs and want to help support those who take care of our community’s well being.

We know that communication, especially written communication, is an essential part of every health care provider’s job. However, we’ve hard from students and faculty that there is a need for health care providers to refine these skills. The reasons are varied. Some individuals want to pursue additional graduate education; some just want to continue their journey towards excellence.

That’s why we’ve put together a free course called, “Writing for Health Care Professionals.” This course is 100% free and can be completed in an afternoon. You start and complete at your own pace, and best of all, upon completion you will earn an official Concordia University digital badge that you can put on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

We invite you to join us today for this very special offerings.

What do CUW Online and Mr. Rogers neighborhood have in common?

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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is still one of the most beloved and cherished children’s shows on television. It’s created a sense that anything was possible and encouraged us to dream big and stay curious about what life has to offer.

Well, we believe CUW online learning actually has a lot in common with Mister Rogers. Watch this short video to find out more.

Introducing our new One Year OLA!

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1-year-OLAWe so happy to announce that our Organizational Leadership and Administration Masters degree just got even better. Now, in just one year, you can earn your OLA and position yourself for upward mobility in a variety of fields. Whether your are an entrepreneur, employed by a large corporation, or just passionate about leadership, our new one year OLA is made for you.

At Concordia University, we want to honor your unique calling in life. Our programs are Christ centered and encourage leaders to bring meaningful values and strong ethics into their workplace.

Here are the details:

  • 33 total credits across one year
  • Classes take 6 weeks
  • All courses are 100% online
  • No GRE or GMAT required
  • Opportunity to earn a Certified Manager (CM) designation as part of coursework
  • Afterwords, choose from a variety of graduate business certificates for specialization in your industry.

Wondering if an OLA degree is right for you? Check out this blog and infographic.

And be sure to read more about our new one year OLA degree.

Online business education eGuide

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Not everyone has a clear idea of what educational path he or she wants to travel. Lucky for you, Concordia offers 100% online educational options including: single classes, certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and custom options. We have put together a helpful business eGuide to better illustrate what programs and options Concordia has to offer. With a variety of class formats, exceptional student support, individual focus and more, you can easily find your niche by learning online with Concordia University Wisconsin.

Some of the questions the eGuide addresses:

  • What programs do we offer?
  • What classes will you take during your time at CUW?
  • What are the big differences between MBA and OLA?
  • What is an OSSA?
  • Who are some of our faculty members?
  • Where are your options for face-to-face education?

With a plethora of courses and programs to choose from, we have trained counselors to help you choose the appropriate program based on your interests and career path.

Be sure to download our eGuide today!

Making Work Meaningful

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Roughly speaking, we spend about 1/3 of our lives at work. That figure is based on the assumption that we work 8 hour days and 40 hour weeks. In a world where work and life are often anything but balanced, these figures are most likely generous. When you consider we spend another 1/3 sleeping, and that much of our free time is centered around preparing for work, many people feel like they have little to no time for what is truly meaningful to them.

While many may be perfectly happy with their career, not everyone is currently in their “dream job.” Not every plan for one’s life works out. In our culture we place a high value on achieving our goals, when, in reality, most people often end up in situations they never anticipated. We may end up in jobs where we do not clearly understand how we are doing anything meaningful to the world. Does this imply that all the hours of our lives spent earning a living are truly wasted?

As a Lutheran Christian organization, we cherish the concept of vocation. Vocation can often be understood as a “calling” from God on your life. This calling not only applies to pastors or missionaries, but to everyone, regardless of occupation. God ministers through us in every aspect of our life, no matter how mundane. Are you a father? A mother? A neighbor? A citizen? A co-worker? In all of these roles, God works through you as you love, serve and interact with others. This brings nobility and spiritual significance, to every portion of our daily human existence.

All this may sound well and good, but it can also be hard to practically understand and apply to your life. That is why, on March 19th, 2015, we are holding an event to help you “advance your career and discover your calling.” We will give practical tips and insights that impact you on two levels. First, they aim to genuinely help you be more successful in your current line of work. However, they also are centered on core concepts about the intrinsic vocational value of work. Or going, one step further, your absolute intrinsic value as a unique person created in God’s own image.

Please consider joining us at one of our thirteen learning centers, or online via webinar.

Should you pursue an MBA or OLA?

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Students often come to us knowing that they want to pursue some sort of graduate business degree. However, we often get the question, “How do I know if I should do your MBA or OLA program?” Our answer to that question is another question: “What motivates you?”

Are you fascinated by people? Are you inspired when your team comes together and accomplishes your goal? Do you love helping others grow? Or are you a “number” person? Maybe you are all about digging into the data and finding innovative solutions? Perhaps developing and executing on processes that contribute to company growth is what gets you up in the morning.

At Concordia University Wisconsin, we have 100% online programs for people on both sides of the fence. That’s why we’ve put together this handy infographic that breaks down the differences between our Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership Administration degrees.

Both of these graduate business degrees are powerful options for advancing your career. In fact, we offer a huge variety of concentrations within each degree. However, it really comes down to reflecting on your personality type and ultimate career goals.

Our admissions counselors are trained to help you ask these critical questions of yourself and ultimately end up in the perfect course of study. Reach out to us today and we can begin that conversation.

CUW is a leader in competency based education

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We are so proud to announce that Concordia University Wisconsin has been selected to join the Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN), a national network of leading institutions in the area of competency based education. C-BEN is a Washington DC based organization, supported by the Lumina Foundation and managed by Public Agenda. As a member, we will be working collaboratively with 30 other colleges and universities to conduct ground breaking research that could dramatically alter the future of higher education.

You may already know about the option to earn digital badges that allow you to demonstrate skills as you progress through our Masters in Education – Educational Technology program. Picture this concept applied to other education offerings. You could truly make your education a life-long endeavor with a steady stream of affordable and marketable competency based options. Life long learning is a core driver of the Office of Continuing and Distance Education. We want to make education more accessible and more affordable to meet the demands of a changing world. Our partnership with C-BEN is a tremendous means to accomplish that goal.

New Concordia Promise partners

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CUW is offering a groundbreaking opportunity for students currently enrolled in either a Christian high school or homeschool. The Concordia Promise provides affordable “dual credit courses”  that allow students to take college courses for $50 per credit. Beyond that, if the student chooses to attend Concordia University of Wisconsin for an undergraduate degree, they receive a scholarship covering the cost of their dual credit classes. This means huge savings on overall cost of attendance for our students!

Please join us in welcoming the following schools and take a look at the other schools we are currently partnering with.

Martin Luther High School
Greendale, WI

Milwaukee Lutheran High School
Milwaukee, WI

Northeastern Wisconsin (N.E.W.) Lutheran High School
Green Bay, WI

Racine Lutheran High School
Racine, WI

Wolf River Lutheran High School
Cecil, WI

To learn more about the Concordia Promise, contact