Alternative Education License (DPI #952)




The Alternative Education licensing program is a short, six-credit certification that helps teachers, school administrators, and community members develop practices that allow all types of students to become successful, especially at-risk children.

Choose to be a leader of positive change and resilience for those who have lost their way – in places that may even include jails or detention centers. Among the many skills you will learn, you will possess the knowledge to allow all types of students to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually in their educational setting.

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Heidi, As a new student getting back into college after my medical set back, I want you to know that I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. It took a lot for me to try college again, but I promise I will work hard. God bless you and have a blessed week. I have some more theology reading to do thank you very much.
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Goals / Objectives

  • Identify students in a K-12 setting who are or have the potential to be at risk academically, behaviorally, or socially.
  • Develop attitudes, skills and techniques to be an effective teacher of the at-risk student.
  • Predict likely responses to Intervention (Rtl).
  • Understand social, personal, cultural, and community dynamics in relation to the education of students who are at risk.
  • Pursue the #952 DPI license.
  • Know the various delivery systems for educational interventions and the role of the teacher in each system.
  • Familiarity with alternative education as a part of a community process.
  • Use practices designed for early interventions to “last chance” scenarios.

Career Outlook

  • Counseling
  • Youth Development
  • K-12 School Teacher
  • Community Education
  • Curriculum Coordinator

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Alternative Education License

Wisconsin DPI License #952

Curriculum and Program for Early Childhood Special Education: 0-8 (Early Intervention Practicum; Preschool/Primary Practicum) (EDG 932) - Credits: 3

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This course is designed to provide students with the methods, techniques, and adaptations necessary for programming for young children with disabilities. The course examines how teachers can implement developmentally appropriate practices for children with disabilities in early childhood settings. Students will learn to design and adapt learning environments, curricular activities, and materials so they will better enable the active and full participation of all children, especially children with disabilities.
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Course Description

Portfolio I is the first step in the required assessment process for the Masters in Education degree. Students complete the initial setup of their portfolio and develop rationales for each standard in their program.


Integrating Technology to Enhance Online Instruction (At-Risk Programs) (EDG 995) - Credits: 3
No course description at this time.

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