Alternative Education License

DPI License #1952

Be a champion educator for the at-risk student.

Acknowledging that large and/or traditional school environments do not meet the needs of all students, the Alternative Education License is designed to work with teachers, school districts and community members to develop programs that help all students become successful, including those who are at-risk, vulnerable or disengaged. For the student who has lost his or her way, this might include jail or detention based education, credit acceleration, a behavior program or an opportunity to return to a traditional school.

The Alternative Education License is an additional license for individuals who possess a teacher’s license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The program itself does not require a teacher’s license may be of interest to anyone who works with children, their families, and at-risk youth.

Program Features and Benefits

  • Courses are taught from a Christian foundation and perspective.
  • Learn new strategies to implement in your classroom, district or counseling environment, both in the school and the community.
  • Be a leader of positive change and resilience.
  • Assist in creating healthy environments where all students can grow and thrive academically, socially,  physically and spiritually.

Alternative Education License

Wisconsin DPI License #952
6 Credits

Course NumberCourse TitleDescriptionCredits
EDG 932Educating Students at RiskThis course intends to help identify students in a K-12 setting who are or have the potential to be at risk academically, behaviorally, or socially. The course also intends to help develop attitudes, skills and techniques to be effective teachers of the at-risk student. Response to Intervention (Rtl) will be discussed. The course will look at social, personal, cultural, and community dynamics in relation to the education of students who are at risk.3
EDG 933Alternative EducationThis course studies the nature of the alternative education K-12 program in the public schools. The various delivery systems and the role of the teacher in each system will be addressed. Alternative education, as a part of a community process, will be discussed. Discussion will range from early intervention to "last chance" programs.3
EDG 927PortfolioRequired for those pursuing the #952 DPI license.0
EDG 995Integrating Technology to Enhance Online Instruction (At-Risk Programs)3