Organizational Leadership and Administration (OLA)

Online Master of Science Program

One Year Leadership and Organizational Studies for Christian Professionals

Today’s challenging and changing global economy demands ethical and effective leaders! The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Administration (OLA) at Concordia University empowers you to develop the qualities and traits of a transformational leader.  The OLA program exposes you to leadership theory and practice, vital ethical and guiding principles, in-depth financial analysis and team-building exercises. The time is now to take your career to the next level!

Program Features and Benefits

  • 6 week course format
  • Students can complete program in 1 year
  • Opportunity to earn Certified Manager (CM) designation as you study
  • No GMAT or GRE required
  • Practitioner instructors
  • Develop leadership skills to advance your career and maximize your potential

OLA Core Curriculum

33 Credits Required.

Course NumberCourse TitleDescriptionCredits
OLA 803Theories of LeadershipTheories of Leadership provides an overview of modern leadership theories as they developed over the past half a century, Trait Theory, Contingency Theory, Cognitive Theories, Transactional and Transformational Theories, Culture and Gender Theories, and more recently developed Integrative Theories.3
OLA 809Leading Change in OrganizationsLeading Change in Organizations equips team leaders with the tools to create and maximize participation, collaboration, and effectiveness in order to build team identity, commitment, and trust.3
OLA 884Capstone Project ResearchCapstone Project Research concentrates on defining a research problem and preparing a prospectus. Students will learn how to focus a topic and submit a prospectus including a time line. This program is Pass/Fail.3
OLA 870Leadership Competencies PracticumLeadership Competencies Practicum Students complete various leadership measures to assess their leadership style, and with the assistance of an OLA professor, formulate a personalized plan to develop their practical leadership skills over several months.3
OLA 815Organizational Communication and NegotiationLeadership Competencies Practicum focuses on theories of organizational communication and current issues in ethical, interpersonal, cross cultural and competitive communication situations.3
OLA 821Selecting & Implementing Information SystemsSelecting & Implementing Information Systems explores how organizations select and use information systems to meet challenges and opportunities in various environments. Overall design features, implementation strategies, and management issues are addressed.3
OLA 835Strategic Human Resources ManagementStrategic HR Management students will learn to think strategically and conceptually about managing an organization's human assets. The focus is on what the HR function can offer the organization, its leaders, and employees.3
OLA 842Ethical Dimensions of LeadershipEthical Dimensions of Leadership prepares students to understand and apply what is required to strengthen Christian ethics in organizational cultures.3
OLA 855Financial Analysis and BudgetingFinancial Analysis and Budgeting introduces information and tools essential to understanding corporate financial management.3
OLA 863Leadership in International OrganizationsLeadership in International Organizations examines the cross-cultural complexities, challenges, and opportunities of leadership at the national and international levels.3
OLA 885Oral Defense of Capstone ProjectInternship - Students will serve as an intern in a place that provides leadership learning. Students and mentors will devise pragmatic application in a workplace. Students will work with an advisor and committee, if necessary.
Literature Review - Students write an extended literature review on some aspect (often identified as a problem) of organizational leadership and administration. Possible areas include communication, ethics, and leadership. Students will work with an advisor.
Thesis - Students write a research thesis on some aspect (often identified as a problem) of organizational leadership and administration. Possible areas include administration, communication, and leadership.