Health Care Management

Online Undergraduate Degree

Servant Leadership

in Health Care

The Bachelor or Associate of Arts in Health Care Management addresses supervisory skills essential to fields of management and administration throughout the acute, community and long term systems of care. These skills are integrated with concepts and themes from a variety of disciplines working collaboratively to understand, make decisions, and direct change within the health care setting. Opportunities to enhance personal growth and promote professional development are encouraged to help build the foundation for continued growth.

The Health Care Management Bachelor Degree program is a State of Wisconsin approved “regular course of study,” qualifying the graduate to take the Nursing Home Administrator examination. Students graduating with the Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management in states other than Wisconsin may be required to take additional classes and/or participate in an externship in order to qualify for the examination.

Program Goals

  • Analyze health care systems demonstrating acceptance of individuals as holistic beings created by God, respecting the dignity, worth and rights of the individual;
  • Synthesize knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and management theories as a basis for problem-solving and decision-making in health care;
  • Evaluate research results applicable to health care practice;
  • demonstrate a willingness to work cohesively and communicate interpersonally with members of the interdisciplinary health care team;
  • Create a reflective self plan for personal and professional growth;
  • Recognize current trends and issues relative to health care management;
  • Respect diversity within the health care community for both those who are served and the providers of care.