Management of Criminal Justice

Online Undergraduate Degree

Make a Positive Impact in Your Community.

The Management of Criminal Justice program provides professional growth and knowledge by affording the student the opportunity to analyze critical legal, operational, and managerial issues in the criminal justice field. The curriculum is designed to develop highly-skilled individuals by providing a practical and applied course of instruction in the areas of law and management, as well as current issues impacting the field.

Program Features and Benefits

  • Program lead by professionals working in the field.
  • Taught in a Christian environment, providing a high standard of morals and ethics.
  • Teaches the skills necessary to take on management positions within the Criminal Justice System.
  • Focuses on all levels of government: federal, state, county, and municipal.
  • Provides proper techniques of statistics analysis and theories of criminal activity and prevention.
  • Teaches aspects of Law Enforcement, Corrections, and the Courts.