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Learning Beyond Letter Grades MOOC Starting Soon

Learning Beyond Letter Grades

Our newest Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) begins on October 7th, 2013. To register for this free course, visit Learning Beyond Letter Grades on

Learning Beyond Letter Grades

Introductory Video

Dr. Bernard Bull
Learning Beyond Letter Grades Course Coordinator
Assistant Vice President of Academics at Concordia University Wisconsin
Director of the M.S. Ed – Educational Design & Technology program
Follow on Twitter: @bdean1000


In the video above, Dr. Bernard Bull connects his background and perspectives in the field of educational technology to the growing conversation that surrounds letter grades in contrast to other forms of assessment. Dr. Bull presents findings of preliminary research he conducted that highlights a situational disconnect between a student’s letter grade and the achievement of desired course outcomes.

Course Format

Live Sessions

Live sessions will occur on Tuesdays during the course’s normal run time. All live sessions will be recorded. During live sessions and throughout other parts of the course, participants can join conversation in the Learning Beyond Letter Grades Google+ Community and using the #beyondlettergrades hashtag on Twitter.

Self-Paced Learning

Participants can navigate through modules on Canvas at their own pace. Each module has a badge that the participant can earn as a token of their achievement in the models. Assessment will only occur during the 6 weeks when the course is “running”, so badges can only be earned during that time. Conversation, however, will continually happen in the Google+ Community and with #beyondlettergrades