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What Are “Digital Badges”?

Have you heard about Digital Badges? Concordia University Online is offering students a new opportunity to grow, learn, and live out their personal calling.

You’re first probably wondering what these badges are all about. A digital badge is a shareable micro-credential that validates your accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest in various learning environments. It includes meta-data such as the description of the badge, who issued it, and the criteria required to receive it. You can earn a collection of badges in a variety of fields to demonstrate your expertise across disciplines.

Once you earn badges, they are stored together through online software, such as Mozilla Backpack, so other people or organizations can click them to view the details. You own and control the credentials and the badges can be used to boost your resume, LinkedIn profile, or online portfolio and shared on social networks.

Digital badges are helping us focus on assessment and competency-based learning. In other words, they remind us that education is more than credentials; it’s about developing new knowledge and skills that you can use in the world. They break down the evidence of what you learn into that specified knowledge and skill then showcase what you’re good at instead of revealing areas you don’t know as well. The learning engagements are created to help students focus on their own competencies and learn to master it. With online opportunities rising, so is the convenience of earning an education and these badges accommodate students to earn the specific skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

We have a range of academies that you can earn these badges from by participating in their learning engagements such as webinars, live events, email courses, MOOCs, etc. Two examples are the Digital Influencer Badge from the Digital Influencer Academy and the Classroom Assessment Makeover Badge from the Educational Innovators Academy. Sign up today to begin your path to amplify your knowledge and skills!