High School Dual Credit Courses

Taking college credits during high school has never been easier. It's never too early to start working towards your future.


The High School Dual Credit program through Concordia University Online offers a great opportunity, and fantastic value, for the college-bound high school student. This program allows you, the high school student, to get a head start on college, and save time and money by combining your accelerated high school courses into your collegiate career.

Our High School Dual Credit program allows you to earn both high school and college credit by taking one or more collegiate-level courses. Through flexible online classes taught by Concordia University Online faculty, high school students can complete coursework during the school day, or at home if it’s more convenient. Courses are one semester long and cost $200 per credit ($50 per credit through the Concordia Promise).

  • Earn college credits while in high school.
  • Receive dynamic instruction from collegiate faculty.
  • Have access to highly affordable tuition through the Concordia Promise and Concordia Promise Plus scholarships.
  • Choose from a number of semester-long (15-week) courses.
  • Complete coursework within the school day or during personal time, and enjoy working in a flexible online delivery system.
  • Access to Concordia’s online library holdings and databases.
  • Available in face-to-face settings through partnerships with select high schools.

Transferable Credit

These credits are offered by Concordia University Wisconsin, a regionally accredited university. Generally, Concordia of Wisconsin credits are easily transferable. As with any transfer credit situation, however, one should always verify the transfer process with the receiving university’s Office of the Registrar. Many of the CUW dual credit courses have been designed to fit the core curriculum requirements at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Concordia Promise and Concordia Promise Plus

concordia promis

The Concordia Promise is a scholarship that Concordia University Online offers to reduce the cost of dual credit tuition and help make the courses even more affordable. The Concordia Promise scholarship reduces the cost of tuition from $200 per credit to $50 per credit.*

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