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Our online Marketing MBA is perfect for those in the advertising business, or related fields, such as sales, looking to advance their career. One-on-one personalized attention from instructors will give you myriad insights on social, direct, and international marketing, as well as the management of sales and advertising operations. In our award-winning School of Business, courses are led by industry professionals who know the practical skills necessary for the competitive world of professional marketing. Beyond a foundation in business principles, Concordia University Online prepares you to use your Christian roots in daily life—professionally and personally.

In our online classes, you will receive the benefit of worldwide practitioner instructors, individualized programs that start at your convenience, and unique perspectives from a diverse MBA student body, more than 40 percent of which is international.

The Concordia University Online School of Business does not require graduate students to take the GMAT or GRE, or write a thesis as part of their admission process. Instead, a Capstone course is required at the end of your program to prove your skill level.

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I really enjoy my cohort and the "family" feeling I get from being a part of it. I also like that Christian education and service are incorporated into the curriculum."
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Goals / Objectives

  • Ability to plan, implement, and manage marketing functions such as market segmentation, research in decision-making, use of media and promotion, budgeting, and evaluation
  • Knowledge of how to effectively employ marketing strategies like direct mail, lead generation, relationship-loyalty programs, store-traffic building, fundraising, pre-selling, and research in all types of media from print and broadcast, to the Web
  • Understanding of the measurability and accountability in direct marketing and its relationship to the total strategy
  • Confidence to organize a sales force through training, compensating, supervising, and motivation
  • Proven knowledge of the tools and applications of the social media revolution and ability to plan, implement, manage, and measure social-marketing efforts

Career Outlook

  • Business Development Executive
  • International Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Internet Marketing Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Database Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Executive
  • Market Research Executive

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Choose 15 Credits

Strategic Marketing (MBA 550/850) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Strategic Marketing studies the planning, implementation and control of the marketing function. Topics covered include: market segmentation, use of marketing research in decision-making, use of media and promotion, budgeting, and marketing program evaluation.
Social Media Marketing Strategies (MBA 511/811) - Credits: 3

Course Description

This course is designed to help the student understand the social media revolution; the concepts, tools and applications. This course will provide students with the practical knowledge and insights needed to successfully plan, implement, manage and measure social media marketing efforts.
Direct Marketing (MBA 552/852) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Direct Marketing introduces the concepts, strategies, and applications involved in direct marketing, including direct mail, lead generation, circulation, relationship-loyalty programs, store-traffic building, fund raising, pre-selling, and research . Topics include launching direct marketing programs, planning and market segmentation, promotion, media selection, list management, creative process, production, pricing, customer service, and response/performance measurement. The course includes examination of all major direct marketing media: direct mail, broadcast (including the Internet and other technologies), print advertising, catalogs, telemarketing, inserts and videos. The measurability and accountability of direct marketing and the relationship to the total marketing mix are stressed. The fundamentals of the new direct marketing methods involving the Internet are also explored and put into practice in this course.
Sales Management and Salesmanship (MBA 553/853) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Sales Management studies the principles and practices in planning, organizing, and controlling sales force. Selection, training, compensating, supervising and stimulating salespersons is emphasized. The art of effective selling is explored with emphasis on conduct and attitude, and persuasive techniques.
Advertising Management (MBA 554/854) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Advertising Management is the study of advertising in a context of marketing communication and integrated marketing. It covers all forms of promotion which exist to inform and persuade the diverse and fragmented audiences that seek goods, services and ideas. The course places the advertising function within a marketing framework while recognizing that advertising is both an art and a science.
Legal Aspects of Business Administration (MBA 570/870) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Legal Aspects of Business Administration entails the study of the contemporary and legal issues facing managers and the development of practical skills for analyzing decision-making from both the legal and ethical standpoints. Issues will be studied from the position of managerial decision-making with an emphasis on the establishment of sound, well-grounded policies intended to prevent and resolve disputes.
International Marketing (MIB 555/855) - Credits: 3

Course Description

International Marketing involves the study and application of key marketing concepts to the international situations. Topics covered include: standardization vs. segmentation, marketing problem design and administration, and special problems.

MBA Core Curiculum

Managerial Economics (MBA 500/800) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Managerial Economics provides a clear and balanced presentation of relevant economic theories and instruments. The focus of this course will be on the application of these relevant theories and the tools of analysis of decision-making science to examine how a firm makes optimal managerial decisions in the face of the constraints it faces. It will teach students how to deal with the nature of the firm, and how and why it is organized the way it is, in order to make students better, more efficient and more highly rewarded executives. The course should be thought of as applied economics, emphasizing those topics of the greatest interest and importance to managers. These topics include demand, production, cost, pricing, market structure and government regulations. A strong grasp of the principles that govern economic behavior is an important managerial asset. Students will learn how to apply these principles in appropriate situations. Undergraduate economics prerequisite required.
Applied Statistical Methods (MBA 815) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Applied Statistical Methods studies statistical methods used in business decision-making, including the use of both descriptive and inferential techniques, probability, regression, and research study designs . Application and integration of statistical methods in business-related fields is emphasized along with the use of computer analysis. Undergraduate statistics prerequisite required.
Corporate Finance (MBA 530/830) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Corporate Finance studies the function of finance and the flow of funds within the corporation. This course emphasizes financial analysis, decision-making, planning and controlling, capital acquisition and use, and strategic planning. Prerequisite: undergraduate finance or equivalent. Undergraduate finance prerequisite required.
Accounting: Financial Analysis for Decision Making (MBA 540/840) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Accounting: Financial Analysis for Decision Making is the study of the interpretation and use of Accounting reports in decision making. Topics covered include financial statements, forecasting of financial performance/budgeting, cost-profit relationships, break-even analysis, and management planning and control. Undergraduate accounting prerequisite required.
Business Ethics (MBA 875) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Business Ethics studies contemporary business issues facing managers . Emphasis will be on developing theoretical skills for analyzing ethical issues and competing claims, and formulating sound well-grounded policies. Also covered will be development of an understanding of how society develops and changes ethical norms.
Leadership and Organizational Behavior (MBA 580/880) - Credits: 3

Course Description

This course is designed to increase one's effectiveness and skill in analyzing and understanding organizations and their attendant processes. Behavioral science concepts and theories are studied. Individual, group, and structural behavior and concepts are presented. A special emphasis on leadership is provided. Undergraduate management prerequisite required. 3 credits.
Issues in Human Resources Management (MBA 610/910) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Human Resources Management is a study of the management and administrative issues related to group and individual performances and their effective contribution to the organizational objectives . Strategies for successful self-management, team building and delegation will be emphasized.
Strategic Management (MBA 590/890) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Capstone: Taken Last. Strategic Management incorporates utilization of a textbook, Capstone Foundation simulation, and other resources such as Internet and workplace materials. Undergraduate marketing prerequisite required.

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