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At Concordia University, we believe that the family unit presents a distinct and honorable calling to all of its members. Healthy families play a central role in the positive development of society and healthy expression of personal faith. We want you to join you in your passion for supporting strong families.

Our 100% online Family Life Education Master’s program is top ranked program by US News and World Report. The program prepares you to make a significant impact on others by effectively helping families cope with significant life events and transitions. Concordia University Online provides a Christ-centered approach to family life education that allows you to holistically address critical needs. You will learn effective educational tactics and engage with emerging theories as you prepare to help families thrive. Our curriculum is designed so that you can earn your Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation upon completion of program and application to the NCFR.

Students in this program will enjoy the unique opportunity to study with internationally recognized leaders and experience an online education specifically designed to accommodate your busy life.

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I really enjoy my cohort and the "family" feeling I get from being a part of it. I also like that Christian education and service are incorporated into the curriculum."
CUW Online student

Goals / Objectives

  • Ability to take a preventative approach to family issues
  • Expertise in educating a variety of individuals
  • Ability to navigate societal changes
  • Demonstrated understanding of Christian perspectives
  • Significant contribution towards creating health functioning family units
  • Upon graduation, students may apply for CFLE designation.

Career Outlook

  • Family Life Educator
  • Family Financial Counseling and Planning
  • Social Service Worker
  • Child Welfare Advocate
  • Family Policy Analyst
  • International Human Rights Advocate

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Master of Science - Family Life


Human Development (COUN 584/884) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Human Development offers students an opportunity to explore issues in the stages of human development over the life span. Various issues related to human development in the biological, cognitive, psychosocial, and spiritual spheres will be discussed. Further, students will also become more familiar with the major psychological theories pertaining to human development.
Christian Perspectives of Family Development (COUN 528/828) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Christian Perspectives of Family Development explores issues in family systems and the cycle of family life. Topics focus on issues relating to family systems and stages of family development. The course is designed to generate an understanding of the family system in biological, psychological, and spiritual development. This class will be taught by an ordained pastor or a commissioned teacher of religion who is a licensed counselor. 3 credits. This class will be offered periodically as COUN 580/880-REL and will be taught by an ordained pastor or commissioned minister of religion who are licensed counselors. When COUN 580/880-REL is delivered in this format, applicable Biblical passages will be integrated into the course content and discussions.
Professional Ethics in the Helping Profession (COUN 592/892) - Credits: 3

Course Description

This course deals with philosophical issues affecting practice. Special attention is given to ethics and the nature of humankind. Legal issues such as confidentiality, malpractice, school law and the counselor as wellness will be discussed. 3 credits.
The Family Today (EDG 526/826) - Credits: 3
No course description at this time.
Contemporary Issues of Family & Parenting (EDG 869) - Credits: 3
No course description at this time.
Marriage and Family Relations (EFL 530/830) - Credits: 3

Course Description

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONS considers the major issues impacting relationship issues pertaining to marriages and family life. Emphasis will be placed on roles, status, communication and conflict.
Human Sexuality (EFL 540/850) - Credits: 3

Course Description

HUMAN SEXUALITY considers the issues pertaining to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social/emotional aspects of what it means to be human. Topics include dating, love, romance, and sexual behavior. Sexuality and intimacy in interpersonal relationships across the lifespan will be discussed.
Family Law and Public Policy (EFL 550/850) - Credits: 3

Course Description

FAMILY LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY explores the historical development of laws and policies impacting the American family. The development of social values, diversity and the consequences of those values will be discussed.
Educational Research Methods (EFL 515/815) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Educational Research Methods examines the research tools available to design, implement and evaluate the formal study of the educational process in order to conduct research. The course includes the study of descriptive and experimental research methods, basic statistical methods as well as techniques of literature review and report writing, that is, the reporting of research. Students completing this course should have a draft of the first three chapters for either a thesis or graduate seminar project.
Curriculum and Methods in Family Life Education (EFL 560/860) - Credits: 3

Course Description

CURRICULUM AND METHODS IN FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION provides the student with the basic curricular framework for the development of parent, family and societal programming.
Graduate Capstone Project (EDG 895) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Graduate Capstone Project provides an opportunity to examine a range of problems in school administration, curriculum, planning, organizing and evaluating. The seminar focuses on student projects and problems related his or her professional development.


Individual Counseling from a Christian Perspective (COUN 523/823) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Provides the student with hands-on experience in individual counseling techniques as well as the opportunity to gain objective insight into the dynamics of one-to-one counseling, and the role of the counselor. The course requirements include practice of counseling techniques, small- group activities, audio or video-taped counseling sessions designed to promote self- awareness, skill development and development of intentional competencies. This class will be taught by an ordained pastor or a commissioned teacher of religion who is a licensed counselor. 3 credits. This class will be offered periodically as COUN 593/893-REL and will be taught by an ordained pastor or commissioned minister of religion who are licensed counselors. When COUN 593/893-REL is delivered in this format, Biblical passages and connections to these passages will be integrated into the course.
Group Counseling (COUN 594/894) - Credits: 3

Course Description

Discusses the purpose, types, functions and principles of group counseling. Students develop an understanding of how to engage in and evaluate small group processes and relationships. Group counseling techniques, group development, and group stages are addressed. E-learning students must take this class in a face-to-face format. Prerequisites: COUN 543/843; COUN 552/852 or COUN 550/880; COUN 554/884; COUN 584/884 or EDG 550/880; COUN 592/892 - 3 credits.

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