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A typical week for a Concordia Online student

Online coursework is an option many students find to be a great fit for their schedules, however a particular challenge for students in an online course is time management. This document will help you to explore how to manage the workload and meet deadlines with a more independent approach to learning.

Expectations for a typical week:

  • Each course is organized by units or weeks which run Monday to Sunday
  • Collaborative online courses have specific due dates on course assignments
  • Self-paced online courses do not have specific due dates, but students are expected to submit work each week to be actively engaged in the course
  • Students are expected to communicate with the instructor if they will not be able to submit work weekly
Understand What's Required
  • Discussion questions and peer response
  • Reading assignments
  • Papers
  • Case studies or journal article reviews
  • Quizzes or tests
Study Time
  • Schedule time for study on your calendar
  • Reduce distractions / Study in a quiet spot
  • Plan small breaks while you study to clear your head
  • Study when you are most alert and motivated
Time Management
  • Avoid delaying tasks
  • Space your learning over multiple days to break up challenging assignments
  • Submit work regularly
  • Don’t leave assignment submissions until the last moment

Skills For Success

Here are our six tips for success in your next online class:

#1 Read The Syllabus

The syllabus is the road map for the entire course. Note the grading guidelines and course expectations.

#2 Plan Study Time Each Day

Time management is vital for online students. Planning set times each day to study is what successful online students do most often.

#3 Logon At Least 4 Times Per Week
  • Check your Concordia email frequently
  • Check course announcements
  • Check assignment feedback in the course
  • Be an active member of your learning community
#4 Submit Work Weekly

If you cannot submit work weekly or meet a posted due date because of a significant issue or illness, contact your instructor as soon as possible.

#5 Ask Questions

Concordia instructors expect students to ask questions. Make your questions count by being clear and concise in your wording.

#6 Be Active In Discussions

Reading AND thoughtfully responding to group discussion questions or instructor feedback is a critical part of online courses. Discussions build community with other learners and/or with the instructor.