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Financial Aid

Concordia University Online believes that the talents, hopes, and ambitions of our students are among the most valuable resources our church and nation possess. With this in mind, Concordia continues to promote scholarship, loan, and employment opportunities for its qualified, deserving students who must find funds to attend college. Learn More


We’re excited to offer four new scholarships exclusively for adult and post-traditional learners. Ranging from $150-$500 per three-credit course, these scholarships can be applied to a variety of programs and are available to employees of our corporate and academic partners, Concordia alumni, and employees of qualifying Christian schools and churches.

To see if you qualify for these scholarships, connect with an admission counselor today.


Whether you have questions about an online degree program, or if you are looking for some more information to determine if Concordia University Online is the right fit for you, our admissions team is able to answer all of your questions. It’s that easy. Concordia University makes every effort to assist a student through his or her years of college.

Business Certificate Programs 15 credits $699 per credit
Business Associates Degrees 64 credits $483 per credit
Bachelors Degree in Business 128 credits $483 per credit
Masters Degree in Business 39 credits $699 per credit
Online Nursing Certificate (CAGE) 35 credits $699 per credit
RN-BSN-MSN Program Total tuition to MSN approx. $45,000
DNP Executive Leadership 38 credits $793 per credit
Criminal Justice
Online Certificate in Criminal Justice 18-24 credits $483 per credit
Online Associates Degree in Criminal Justice 64 credits $483 per credit
Online Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice 128 credits $483 per credit
Education Certificates/Licensures 15 credits $596 per credit
Masters in Education Degree 36 – 49 credits $596 per credit
Online Counseling Certificates 15 credits $596 per credit
Online Masters Degrees in Counseling 45 – 60 credits $596 per credit
Health Services
Online Certificates in Health Services 18 credits $457 per credit
Associates Degree in Health Services 64 credits $483 per credit
Online Bachelors Degree in Health Services 128 credits $483 per credit
Online Masters Degrees in Health Services 39 credits $699 per credit
Online Doctorate Degrees in Health Services 35 credits $699 per credit
Occupational Therapy
Masters in Occupational Therapy - Undergrad $9,110 per Trimester
Masters in Occupational Therapy - Graduate $9,275 per Trimester
Doctorate in Occupational Therapy 35 credits $699 per credit
Information Technology
Online Information Technology Certifications 15 credits $699 per credit
Masters Degree in Information Technology 39 credits $699 per credit
Online Theology Certificate 47 credits $285 per credit
Online Bachelors Degree in Theological Studies 128 credits $483 per credit
High School Pre-College Courses Download the Pre-College Handbook [PDF]


Please review these Financial Aid guidelines:

  • The financial aid application must be filed with the Office of Financial Aid by March 30. Late applications will be accepted and funded according to the availability of Concordia funds.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are encouraged to be filed between January 1 and April 1 in order to assure a timely application.
  • Renewal of scholarships, grants, campus employment, and loans depends upon Financial Aid, and the availability of funds and renewal criterion, including FAFSA results.
  • Any award or any portion thereof may be either declined by a student or revoked by Concordia if such assistance is not to the advantage of the student or the University.
  • As funds available must be divided among all deserving students, grants, scholarships, employment, or loans may not always be renewed in their original amounts.
  • You must be making satisfactory academic progress as defined below and maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average.
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