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Meet OSSA Allison

"I’m in awe of my students who are balancing family, work, and now their education – it’s a big undertaking, but I’m here to make their journey easier."

Meet Allison
Meet OSSA Susie

"When they [students] have difficult times, I’m sharing in it too – praying for them and supporting them however I can."

Meet Susie
Meet OSSA Gayle

"I am here for our students no matter what they go through. No question is too simple, no request is too complicated. My joy is seeing them succeed."

Meet Gayle
Meet OSSA Jessica

"There are a ton of areas to navigate in higher education, I will do whatever it takes to make navigating those as stress free as possible."

Meet Jessica
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What is an OSSA?

Online Student Success Advisors in the Office of Continuing and Distance Education provide student support. Your best friend supporting your education will probably be your OSSA. As students call or email with questions, the OSSA is their “go to” person. They help at every step – from getting started with online coursework, course information, registration procedures, dropping courses, and more. Our goal is to make your education experience a little bit easier and more personalized.

Know Your OSSA

Here are just a few reasons to get to know your OSSA:

  • OSSA’s help you navigate our online system.
  • They provide advice on which classes to take.
  • They send you reminders of essential dates and paperwork.
  • Your OSSA keeps you informed about info about financial aid opportunities.
  • OSSA’s are your advocate when you have personal issues and need someone to pray for you.
  • OSSA’s work closely with instructors or appropriate University personnel to help students resolve academic and non-academic issues.
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